Marine Aquatics

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Once you have gone to Parkmall in Reclamation Area, Cebu City, you may not easily notice an existence of a Petshop. This is because the mall’s only Petshop, the Marine Aquatics Petshop, is located far from the main entrance.
A hobbyist at Marine Aquatics in Parkmall

Once you have gone to Marine Aquatics pet shop, you will notice that he establishment also competes with top pet shops in Cebu. Not to mention, they have saltwater aquarium fishes on their merchandise and other rare freshwater aquarium fishes that is not found on other pet shops.
Saltwater Fishes at Marine Aquatics Petshop
The Freshwater Fishes in Stock
More Freshwater Fishes.

Fish care and aquarium accessories are one of the fortes of the store. From top brand aquarium filters, air pumps and aquariums tanks, to aquarium thermometers, ph level readers and aquarium gravels are in store.

Aquarium Fish Accessories in Marine Aquatics Petshop.

Adding to the merchandise are also canine and feline pets as well as their corresponding accessories. I personally bought a red-ear turtle at an affordable price as well as top brand and US made aquarium fish medicines. If you want to visit the place, just know where Parkmall is located and asks about its exact location on the information booth or the security guards.
A puppy for sale in Marine Aquatics Petshop.

The exact address of Parkmall is 168 Ouano Avenue, Mandaue Reclamation Area, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines (across Cebu International Convention Center). Map will show you the location of Parkmall in Cebu City, Philippines.

Parkmall Location on Map (Photo source:

Our review below is based on our judgement from personal experience on the place. It is subjective and may be open to disputes and discussion. Please feel free to comment.

Criteria Definition Rating Conclusion
Variety of PetsThe Kinds of Pets available on store6/10Fair
Price of PetsThe affordability of the pets for the public8/10Good
Quality of PetsThe health and overall features of pets on store8/10Good
Customer ServiceHow they satisfy customer before and after purchase of pets9/10Best
Pet Supplies and Accessories The variety and price of pet supplies and accessories available on store6/10Fair
Pet HandlingHow the pets are treated while in stock 6/10Fair
Legend: 1-2: Worse; 3-4:Bad; 5-6:Fair; 7-8:Good; 9-10:Best  Average Score: 7.1

Critique Notes:  Though I admire the friendliness of the staff and the some rare fishes in store. I dislike the smell of the feline and canine room. Maybe it needs a little cleaning. Sorry for being frank here.

What's Unique and Nice on this Place:The place offers a wide variety of fish pet accessories such as thermometers, ph level readers and some unique freshwater fishes like a Japanese sword tail, Lobsters and Salmons.

Quality Aquariums at Marine Aquatics.